Sunday, August 05, 2007

Harry Potter!

My wife is great big fan of harry potter. She had the whole collection of it and even watch HP movies many times. Sometimes before one new book or new movie comes out.

Mr William: Harry Potter coming out already wor... you not watching first episode and follow up until the new one?
Mrs William: yeah... yeah... so dun kacau me this week ok?

Mr William: ok... i won't call you to makan, i won't ask you to cuci your baju, i go shopping i won't call you, i go for movies i won't call you, i go holiday you can stay at home... ok?
Mrs William: -_-"... *whack!*

Mr William: ok ok... hehehehe... ok ok...

This is always the case when Harry Potter's book or movie comes out. She will spend one week's time to read everything back plus watching the movie. Thus, its like the world gone crazy with every communication lines has exploded rendered communication hold up!

Now i am happy that Harry Potter has come to an end. I wonder what will be the next major coming up on books and movies...

is sky the limit... harry potter and the restless gangs!

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