Friday, November 30, 2007

Bye Bye Kuala Lumpur...

Alrighty, I am moving up north today. The fate of Is Sky The Limit : Episode 3 will be decide again at a later date. Is Sky The Limit : Episode 3 has been running for almost 3 years now and to stop it would be a very sad thing for my silent readers.

co author : eh... your blog ada orang baca ka?.
main author : just keep your mouth shut ok?. Bagi lar sokongan sikit...

Nevertheless, I know some of you out there had thought that my blog is no longer active. Given the fact, I hardly submitted many entries for half past year.

Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to tell all of you in Kuala Lumpur to be happy with everything (including price hikes!). I will be settling down in Penang today.

Therefore, have faith in everything you do...

From the owner,
William Wilstroth

Oh god... I need to go back to gym!

It has been nearly two years that I had gone to the gym to keep up with my fitness. Just this morning, after 15 minutes of warm up:

- my early morning jog, I had to slow down a few times to keep up with my breath. In the end, i just take a walk...
- my arm muscle pain like hell even though I started with a dumb bell weighing 1.25kg...
- my push up was a struggled too... up until 15 (though standard...)
- and my sweat like a pig... damn!
This justify one thing - I NEED MORE EXERCISING!

is sky the limit... i need to exercise more... more... MORE!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Laptop Selection

Last week, admidst the exams, my professor required my expertise in selecting a new laptop. Admidst the hustle of looking for the right one and the fair price, he went on to another choice which was from another lecturer.

[Banged my head on the wall.]

Thus, in conclusion, even with advice, the final decision can be misleading and it's all up to you.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Guns and Zombies

"Look, dude, it's exam period, what are you doing with those guns and zombies?"

"Morning, mate, I'm gunning down my stress on these zombies..."

It's exams week and wish everyone "Good Luck especially me, I'm selfish so I needed more than you guys or gals out there!" hahaha Just kidding.

"Good Luck!"

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Prof. Dr. Vijay R. Raghavan - Evolution in Heat Transfer -

This is the picture of us with Dr. Chandra Suresh. Sorry, just kidding, not the father of Mohinder Suresh but of Dr. Vijay R. Raghavan. This is my first experience working with a professor, a doctorate philosophy great man from India. Though the first few months with him was hard as he demands great works. The result was paid off and satisfying.

Left -right: [You can't missed the Prof. Dr. Vijay, find yourself!]

Actually, I believed he has the same status of Dr. Chandra Suresh. Too bad, he's leaving from UTHM to UTP so UTP students, you're lucky bastards.

Fancy a char siew pau and one teh oh ais?

Late night after dinner, I had this sudden urge to get a char siew pau to eat and a glass to of teh-oh-ais. So, I drove out all the way to my nearby stall for one char siew pau and one glass of teh-oh-ais:

nice and delicious char siew pau

and a glass of nice and cooling teh-oh-ais

Mrs William : You tak cukup kenyang ar! Already dah bulat... asyik makan saja... hmmpph...!

is sky the limit... char siew pau and teh-oh-ais... cool!

Yeah I eat this way... eat! eat!

When a man is hungry, it doesn't matter if the food is good or bad as long as it can be eaten... its more than enough... so my dinner was like below of late...

Mr William : Nasi goreng mamak bungkus satu...
Ah Neh : Ok... ok...

Mr William : * walks over to stall opposite * Give me one red bean soup and 2 yaw char keuy...! Tar pau!

Auntie : Ok.. .ok...

Back at home, makan!

Padme : ayo... ayo... where is your peanut butter spaghetti?

is sky the limit... eat! eat! eat!

Star Wars : The Caribbean Wars

A long long time ago, the emperor ordered 3 of his most loyal employees to annihilate the Rebels...

Darth Vader : ... lantak orang tua tu... I need to do my facial... Storm Trooper... go and kill all of them!

Storm Trooper : * busy talking to a beauty pirate girl * kanineh... my boss... bising aje!

Pirate SYT : hehehehehehe...

Darth Maul : No worries... I will reach to the farthest galaxy and hunt those buggers... I am hot!

is sky the limit... star wars and the carribean girl...

Saturday, November 03, 2007

What do you do when you see this sign?

Now my dear readers, when you see this sign at any road junction, you must at all times do the following:

1. Don't look to the left or right for incoming cars.
2. Don't bother to press your break pedal.
3. Don't even try to reduce your acceleration but by all means just accelerate.
4. Don't even bother to slow down because you are not stopping at all.

These 4 things above are what every Malaysian drivers are doing.

Nobody ever bothered to do the following:

1. Slow down to a stop. A complete stop.
2. Look to the left or the right for incoming cars before turning or moving on.
3. Use the brake pedal to stop.
4. Or even give a turning signal to indicate your are turning.

So are you stopping your car each time you see that sign?

Please don't be a farker and risk your life!

This is a community service brought to you by ISTL.

Value your life. Stop when you see Stop. Drive Safe. Stop Safe. You can changed your farking world.
is sky the limit... you can changed your farking world...