Saturday, June 28, 2008

First few days in Penang...

I am already in Penang for half a year. Many good things had happened since I moved here. I am happy and had even gained a few kilos due to the good life I am going through right now. I mean really right now. Although I seldom blog since I'd move to Penang but I do occasionally still update my technical blog. Now, I just want to share a few pictures of my few new days when I arrived in Penang.

My first dinner in Penang... BBQ + Steamboat...

My cubicle opposite is a big rock!

My very first pair sandals! ... to walk the beach...

My wife's first hand drawing... hmm... what do you call this?

Vincent : Having a good life here right, fei yao?

Fei Yao : Damn, who can refuse that... no tolls, no expensive parking fees, reach home within half an hour, eat dinner on time, and no farking jams... sleep enough unlike waking up early just to avoid the jam... able to concentrate on my job... and one more thing... i get to cuci my eyes "plentifully"...

is sky the limit... no life is as good as smoking and drinking...

Friday, February 08, 2008

Dong Dong Chan



Food and greetings.

It's the CNY!! Always love to hear all this typical words, sound, atmosphere and the hype of it. Greetings to all out there.

"Where's my angpau?"

-1st Day Of Chinese New Year-
Went to SGM CNY Celebration. Started with a bad MC and falling down the mood with some speeches from the elders. Almost felt asleep but was arouse with the new programe when it started with a new MC when he called himself, Cheung.. Kong... 7... brother, CJ9.

It was fanstatics with a few performance including short stories, singing and finally some good acrobatic performance.

-2nd Day Of CNY-
Morning with some big prawns. And started with a PS2. Second day still in progress.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy CNY 2008

To those chinese or non - chinese who are celebrating CNY which stands for Chinese New Year. ISTL co - author here to wish everyone a properous CNY and a happy 2008 and also Happy Mouse Year.

Here's some tips to "mouse" people:

List of don't:
Don't ....
Don't ....
Don't ....
Don't ....

List of do:
Be Happy
Be Properous
Be Lucky
Be Fortune

Eh? You got a question? Your browser can't see the don't list? Well too bad for you... Actually there isn't don't do list. Just do it... It's your year man, so why hesistate? As long as it's ethical, positive and not against the law, what's keeping you? Just be happy, cheerful and positive!


Friday, January 11, 2008


At one cold night,

A, B and Me was in a living room.

A: Ei, B do you want the music I downloaded?

B: Yea sure, but I can't see your file sharing.

A: B, you can see Me's sharing folder right?

B: Yea...

A: Okay, so put the music in Me's folder and you "CUT" it ...

Me: Dude, come on lar, you can share with B and you can't share with me? Since you putting there why need to cut it away?

For everyone attention, I been sharing a lot of music with A and I always asked him wants my musics or not? And look at what this scumbag do to me? Not even wants to share it with me and only used me as a bypass. Isn't this guy always a selfish guy? Selfish towards me...

Sunday, December 23, 2007


When we are little kid, our mum or dad forced us to read kindergarten book or children book. I remember I used to read Peter and Jane, it went like this "This is peter and this is Jane. This is Pat, the dog."

So now, let me introduce you in such a way, "This is Patrick and this is my hand." Say "Hi" to my new dog to accompany my friend.

Isn't it cute? Eh, actually it's quite obedient too and it doesn't eat, sleep or dump any faeces around your house or better, doesn't make a mess at your furniture or bite the postman. One thing for sure, it doesn't even bark. But it's really nice to hold at it.


Upon paying the bill for the meal, my friend looked at my wallet, and heard a loud echo sound beaming back at her. Both of us smiled.

"I shall say that we should declare bankruptcy for today!"

My friend quickly stopped me, "Nope, look we still have some!" and she brandished out some leftover cash. Recalculating how much left, we agreed that we could still go for a movie. Looking and sneaking around at the cinema for a decent movie with a decent time, we found one.

As we pay for the ticket, the empty echo sounded again. This time my friend looked at me again and I smiled back.

"I shall say that we declare bankruptcy for the second time!"

This time my friend couldn't disagree with me and tag along to the cinema..

Later, my friend went to "rob" the ATM for some cash but not long, my friend stumbled upon a very nice clothing. Not too long, she hurried to the counter and used the money. This time another empty echo sounded from my friend.

"I shall really say that we declare bankruptcy for the third time!"

My friend laughed at me. How many times can one go broke in a day?

Thursday, December 20, 2007


It's a holi-holiday season, and someone is coming to town. The so-called man is called Santa Claus.

"Yeah, it's Xmas!"

Merry Xmas to all and have fun admist some countries who banned it. Well, it's still worth to celebrate and enjoy and be happy. No harm in getting yourself the happy mood. Cheer and Ho! Ho! HO!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Bye Bye Kuala Lumpur...

Alrighty, I am moving up north today. The fate of Is Sky The Limit : Episode 3 will be decide again at a later date. Is Sky The Limit : Episode 3 has been running for almost 3 years now and to stop it would be a very sad thing for my silent readers.

co author : eh... your blog ada orang baca ka?.
main author : just keep your mouth shut ok?. Bagi lar sokongan sikit...

Nevertheless, I know some of you out there had thought that my blog is no longer active. Given the fact, I hardly submitted many entries for half past year.

Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to tell all of you in Kuala Lumpur to be happy with everything (including price hikes!). I will be settling down in Penang today.

Therefore, have faith in everything you do...

From the owner,
William Wilstroth

Oh god... I need to go back to gym!

It has been nearly two years that I had gone to the gym to keep up with my fitness. Just this morning, after 15 minutes of warm up:

- my early morning jog, I had to slow down a few times to keep up with my breath. In the end, i just take a walk...
- my arm muscle pain like hell even though I started with a dumb bell weighing 1.25kg...
- my push up was a struggled too... up until 15 (though standard...)
- and my sweat like a pig... damn!
This justify one thing - I NEED MORE EXERCISING!

is sky the limit... i need to exercise more... more... MORE!