Monday, March 19, 2007

For a charger bugger...

Here i am back at work after a long two days break, weekend, yet I still don't get enough of sleep. Despite the fact i woke up quite late, did jogging, slept in the evening and gone to bed earlier but I still feel it is not enough for me.

Me : * walks in * Morning Therry...
Therry : yeah... morning...

Me : * taking out my notebook and the usual stuffs *... Oops!
Therry : what happen?

Me : I forgot to bring my charger!
Therry : Wow... you left it at home?

Me : Yeah... shit this time...
Therry : From here (Mines) to your home... Damansara... is a long shot man...

Me : Damn...

is sky the limit... i hate Mondays...

Thursday, March 08, 2007

William & Florence Wedding Registration...

With the recent "big" event that happening in one place, several people were busy working round the clocks to make the event the most beautiful ever, passer-by were looking at it with questions mark? What will be happening soon? There were feast and free drinks to all passer by..

As usual, the guy went to tallest building he could find and put up the loudest microphone and speaker he could find. This time was different as this is his brother "big" event.

"Ladies and gentleman, please hear me up, I got a happy and merry news to be heard by the people and folk from around the world!"

[This time everyone paid attention.]

"On this coming lovely Saturday which is on the 10/3/2007, there will be a lovely dovey couple getting engagement!"

"Please let us cheer for my elder brother and my soon to be sister-in-law..."

[Everyone toast for them.. and applauses..]

The Engagement event between:

William and Florence

[I hope the blog I written here is grant and merry to the audience, this is the best that I could think of at the moment. Some parts, I exaggerated.. Hehe i.e there ain't no free drinks for everyone.. hahaha It's a happy event anyway.]

"Let us toast again, for the coming marriage registration event for this lovey dovey couple!!"

Toast to: William and Florence

Enjoy and be merry!
[Edited by William Wilstroth - 19/03/2007]
is sky the limit... its not engagement... I have already signed the paper!