Sunday, July 29, 2007

Petrol Station

Have you ever goto petrol station where no other cars are in the station?

Well, I been but as soon as I reached my counter, all the other vehicles zoomed in as though as camping for me to go inside or waiting for someone to enter first.

But the most weird part was most of them were waiting at my petrol counter instead of other counter which was really empty. Why?

Can anyone explain why such weird phenomenon? Is there a culture that I didn't even know it exist?

Free 50GB, accept or not?

Have you ever been offered with 50GB hard disk space for free?

Well, yes, indeed, there's a case where 50GB hard disk space was offered to my friend for free. None of them want to use it. Why?

I have no idea why. Just that, indeed, there are people who doesn't want to take free stuff when free stuff are offered out there. No, I'm not saying about bogus or scam. It's indeed free and even free from someone close. They just want to share free stuff with their friends and their friends ignored them. Weird, huh? I asked them why don't want to use it?

"Ah, I'm downloading small stuff like music so don't need the hard disk space." - What a lame excuse. It's either they hated the guy or they hated the 50GB hard disk.

In another case, there was an event when organizers gave free goodies if you're lucky to pick the right number. And again, they refuse to pick the lucky number and replied to me in such a silly question, "Don't want la, why I would want it?" with a disgusted face.

It's just so "darn" annoying and ignorant when I only asked them to try their luck if they get goodies or not.

Well, life is full of strange people...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Interesting article #1

Well, upon looking at my friendster page, I stumbled upon this interesting article forwarded by a friend of a friend in the list. Here it goes:

[Source: My friendster page]
Title: Flashback when we are young.

we grew up watching Transformers,
Thundercats, Woody Woodpecker,
Chipmunks, Mickey Mouse, Jem, Mask,
Ninja Turtles, Voltron, Baja Hitam,

had to brush our teeths during recess
primary school? had to hold plastic
cups, line up with your classmates side
by side and start brushing our teeths
some open area... or maybe near some

do you still remember that we
had 'dentist' rooms where we had to
have our teeths check?

not to forget our 'program minum susu'
in primary school.. everybody is
suppose to buy like cartons of milk
costed 30 cents.. and you would see
everyone drinking it everyday...

the teachers who would want to punish
us must use yellow rulers to hit us on
our palms??

that a bowl of mihun soup or some soup
only costed 50 cents at the school

went to some sundry shop near the
school or to the 'roti' man waiting
outside our schools so that we can buy
junk food like chickedees, mamee, ding
dang with some toys in it, 'Ti Kam',
cream and we would play games like
monopoly, uno, old maid, and all other
card games like that...

another fun time would be during
Pendidikan Jasmani. the boys would
play football while the girls would
netball... and it would be like we were
playing in the world cup...

but of course. the best would be main
guli, batu seremban, bottlecaps, ice-
cream sticks, 'Pepsi Cola one-two-
three', Cops and Robbers, main kejar-
kejar duduk.. and for the not so
those kind of 'book games' where we
would use buku latihan to draw and ask
our friends to play...

do you remember the ice-cream tubes
which are actually ice and colouring
are sold for 10 to 20 cents.. the
ones.. where you usually bite off the
to glup it down...

what about days when we felt like doing
naughty things such as folding papers
so small to make 'lastik' amd shoot
each other... how about throwing

back then, micheal jackson was just
turning white.. and still had albums
coming out.. compared to CD's, we were
listening to tapes that sold for

in computer class, we were still using
black and white computer moniters..
played 'Atari'... maybe SEGA or

well, are we all getting older or what?

1) if you understand what you have read
and you are smiling...

2) we have friends from school that are
already married...

3) we shake our heads everytime we
see high school students fussing about
their handphones in school..

4) we don't hang on phone with our
friends for hours a day talking about

5) when we meet back with our friends
from time to time, we feel excited and
happy talking about old times, the
funny 'adventures' or stories that we
experienced as a kid..

6) last but not least, that when you
this, you would think of all the happy
sad memories that you have
experienced when you were still a kid
and would think of forwarding this to
your old friends that you have known
since forever... i'm sure they would
a huge smile on their face after

Well, I'm sure nostalgic for some oldies and those who gone through that particular era.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

USA or Malaysia?

It's Sunday and it's 6.30pm.

Reaching at the "Wildan Restoran" by a group of malays, we (my friend and I) sat at one corner of the stall with the cloud looking gloomy and cloudy.

The restless waiter came.

Waiter: Minum?
Me: Limau ais.
Friend: Milo panas.

Waiter: Makan?
Me: Nasi goreng U.S.A.
Waiter nodded.
Me again: U.S.A ok?
He nodded again.
Friend: Cendawan goreng dan nasi putih.

After 10 minutes,
Waiter brought the food and he lay the dishes in front of us. I was amazed at my nasi goreng.

Me looked at my nasi goreng U.S.A... It was actually nasi goreng "biasa"!!

Me: Bang, ini betul nasi goreng U.S.A?

Waiter stared at me... Checked the list...

Waiter: Nasi goreng biasa.

Fine, U.S.A had became biasa... U.S.A now became Malaysia.. Next time, you order nasi goreng Malaysia, or Philippine, or Thailand or Singapore, all the same, you come out with nasi goreng biasa.

You know why? Cos, USA jugak orang biasa mah.. Semua orang pun biasa mah, apasal mau makan USA punya? makanlah nasi goreng Malaysia...

Funny thing is at the menu you can see many types of fried rice:

1) Nasi goreng biasa
2) Nasi goreng cina
3) Nasi goreng cendawan
4) Nasi goreng USA
5) Nasi goreng melayu
6) Nasi goreng india
7) Nasi goreng paprik
8) Nasi goreng papaya
9) Nasi goreng kampung
10) Nasi goreng bandar
11) Nasi goreng miskin
12) Nasi goreng kaya

Sorry, I exaggerated in the menu, some I added myself or maybe I had left some too. The question arise, how do you differentiate all this from an ordinary fried rice? Okay, actually there are different ingredients for each menu and let me have the honour to explain it:

For nasi goreng biasa, you get rice, mixed vegetables (corns, carrot and so on), and chilli or chilli padi.

For nasi goreng cina, you get ikan billis in addition to the goreng biasa.

For cendawan, you get cendawan instead of ikan billis.

For nasi goreng USA, ah, this is the special one, you get chicken chop in your fried rice. Just kidding, you get fried sliced chicken with sauce on it.

For nasi goreng melayu, sorry, I added this in too.

For nasi goreng india, you can't get this too, I guess.

For paprik, you get chicken with sauce too.

For papaya, you get papaya with fried rice. Just kidding, I think you can't get this too.

For nasi goreng kampung, you get chilli padi and chicken.

For bandar, you get abalone and sushi inside. Just kidding too, no, you can't have the abalone and sushi.

For miskin and kaya, I believed you can't get this recipe anywhere too.

So, what are you waiting? Go try nasi goreng Malaysia and enjoy your food...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

What do you want to become when you grow old?

Do you still remember when you were in primary your teacher asked you to list out 3 types of what-you-want-to-be work when you grow up? I bet everyone chose some of the following (and it’s very common too):

1. Policeman
2. Lawyer
3. Engineer
4. Teacher
5. Doctor
6. Fire Brigade

Never did we realize that we had to undergo such a painless ass of 5 years of secondary, another 3 years of university course and then another 3 months of unemployment. That also depends on what degree you had chosen to do. Have you ever think of this while you are still at primary filling out those choices? I still remembered I put policeman, engineer and teacher but hell! Now I am a programmer. If I knew that I would become one bloody programmer I would have put it at the first in the list and scrapped the last two. If my teacher asked me to fill out that choice again, I will do the following:

1. Get a pimp mobile and start pimping.
2. Marry a rich wife, retired and play golf.
3. I am a rich man’s son. This list is wasting my time.


1. Eat
2. Sleep
3. Shit

Is sky the limit… I want to be a char kuey teow hawker!

Sweet and Creamy

Oh my love, you are so sweet,
You are so creamy and so smelly,
Every season I waited for the seller,
He sells you cheaply but I still love you.

Oh my durian, though you are thorny,
But you are a temptation except a bit horny,
The stickiness of your flesh makes me squirmy,
To eat you is to feel you like honey.

Oh my love, you are a craving,
Eat so much I get sore throat,
It’s ok that I drink some herbal tea,
Otherwise it’s MC from doctor.

Oh durian… why you are a craving…?
Oh durian… why you are my number one…?
Oh durian… why not queen but king of fruits…?
Oh durian… why I love you… very much…!

Is sky the limit… durian… mari… mari… RM10 tiga biji!

Twisted thoughts: Handsome man no girls could resist…

Once upon a time there is this very handsome man who lives near the beach. He led a relaxing and carefree life. Everyone knows him and he was no stranger to the town’s people. Every one talks of him and every girl admired him. He never had a beautiful girl not saying no to him and he always had his way with all girls he met. He was so handsome that nobody dares to admit they were equal to him.

Every morning, he would shave his face; he would moisturize his face; he would exfoliate his face; he would trim his eye brow; he would trim his nose hair; he would trim his hair so it is constantly in a nice shape; he would exercise his face; he would also tanned his face a bit; and he would do body shaping. All of this was done before he steps out of the house. However, these routines are repeated after he had returned home and before sleeping.

One day, his exfoliate cream, moisturizer, facial foam, and toner had gone expired; scissors and shaver had became blunt; and the body shaping cream no longer worked. He was desperately hopelessly helpless. He began to panic and afraid of going out. He closed all the windows and locked all doors. Soon the whole town noticed that the handsome man had locked himself up in his own house and not coming out at all; not even for groceries. People began to go to his house and called him if he was fine. He would ask them to leave and not to disturbed him.

‘I must go out to buy all these things!’ he looked at the mirror and touching his own reflection. ‘Its no use staying in the house while those things can be bought from the pharmacy!’ he stared hard into the mirror. ‘Yes, I need new moisturizers, new shavers, new exfoliating cream, new scissors!’ he would talked to himself the whole day but not putting one foot out of the house. ‘How?’ he would mutter again and again into the night. Without those accessories, his unwillingness to walk out before all those facial rituals had really taken a toll on the handsome man. So he decided one day, very strongly against his own wishes, he step out of his house.

Everybody yelled hooray at the handsome man. He could not believe his eyes that everyone was out there waiting for him to come out. He fainted at his foot steps. Everybody rushed him to the hospital. The doctors diagnosed him as malnourished and dehydrated and weak from not doing any exercise as result keeping himself too long in his own house. When the handsome man woke up he looked to the nurse, ‘Oh my god! How is my face, nurse!?’ That was the question he asked her. Immediately he grabbed the mirror on the table and started looking at himself. He would pull his face and pinched his nose to check every part of his face. ‘Doctor, I think the patient is ready to go home’ explained the nurse to the doctor over the phone while the handsome man continued to look at himself with the mirror. ‘Yes, he is and we had enough of him screaming whole night for his facial products!’ exclaimed the doctor.

Is sky the limit… handsome man… see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil…

Twisted thoughts: A beautiful girl nobody knows…

Once upon a time there is a little beautiful girl living in the modern city and nobody knows her. She was adored by her parents but nobody knows her. She was highly educated and nobody knows her. It was a big city bustling with millions of people thus nobody knows her. She was just nobody.

One day, a quirky nerdy photographer was taking photographs around the bustling city. He could not find anything that is beautiful. He had walked around the city for almost two hours and there was nothing beautiful. Finally, he saw the girl that nobody knows sat by a porch eating ice cream. So he began taking photograph of the girl that nobody knows eating ice cream. After sometime and he felt satisfied by the photographs he had taken, he walked over to the girl nobody knows and spoke to her. ‘What is your name, little girl?’ he asked. ‘My name is Andre’ replied the little girl. ‘You are a beautiful girl, Andre’, the photographer told her. Andre smiled at him. ‘Do you want people to know you, Andre?’ the photographer asked her again. ‘Why?’ she looked at him. ‘You are beautiful!’ the photographer exclaimed. So Andre said yes and photographer said further, ‘You will be recognized by the world, Andre’ and that he gave her his business card and walked away.

The next day many fashion designers and model agencies came to look for Andre. Over night she had become a model and everyone now looked for her. Andre started to appear in fashion magazines, catwalks, charities, and other celebrity events. Now Andre is no longer a stranger but a well known model in the city and then the world. Everywhere she goes people will either nod at her or smile to her. Some more daring would go up to give her a peck. Andre has become somebody from nobody in modern city. She was a star and recognized by people of all walks of life.

One day, the photographer who took Andre’s picture came to visit her. He was happy to see how far she had become. Both of them hugged each other. ‘Now you are somebody, Andre’, he gasped. ‘All thanks to you!’ as Andre held his hand on her lap. Both of them talked late into the night. ‘There is news I must tell you, Andre’ the photographer looked into her eyes. ‘Your stardom will fade away one day and you must not be sad!’ said the photographer. Andre was a bit shaken by those words. ‘Why?’ she was near tears when she looked at the photographer. ‘There is another girl in another city’ the photographer told her. ‘Please don’t take it away from me! I don’t want to be nobody’ cried Andre. The photographer apologized and walked away.

This time Andre’s life became a disaster. All fashion magazine and model agency had turned their attention to the new girl of somebody. Andre had become so depress that she turned to drugs and lived dangerously. She ate carelessly and her weight ballooned uncontrollably. Nobody knows her anymore. Late one night, she had overdone with her drugs and passed away.

Many months later, the girl who became somebody after Andre met with the photographer again. They talked until late night and she was also told the same thing. ‘There is another girl in another city’ said the photographer. Only this time, the photographer with a smile and he twinkled at the poor girl. ‘I am sorry’, he walked away.

Is sky the limit… a girl nobody knows…

Mad People are here... !

In this world there are many mad people and one might be already sitting next to you. I am not saying madcap that make you laugh and feel happy but those who love seeing other people being tortured until their life is upside down. You will hate them for their mouth and despise for their attitude. Sometimes, you will pull your hair because you do not know whether to cry or to yell at them. So you rather sneered at them every time they passed by you; you rather avoid the same place if they around; and you rather avoid talking to them because you find it pointless. No matter you hate it or like it, there will be mad people everywhere and every corner and all over the earth. Earth is a small place and you will occasionally feel why you must endure mad people’s attitude.

After all your life will be dreadfully bored to death if there are no mad people that will make you utilize and practice your temper. Mad people love to torture and verbally abuse their victims anytime and anywhere within their reach or to achieve their objective. They will be much happier to see their victims fallen and crying incessantly begging to be rescued from the wraith incurred upon them. Mad people do this for fun and some mad people do it because they feel it as their duty to do so. Nevertheless, mad people do things that cannot be explained by normal people. Mad is a disease and there is no cure. The only cure for mad people is to better climb up the highest building and jump off it. Before that, a hole dug prior to jumping also ease a lot of normal people’s effort from burying the corpse later time. Other than jumping off a building, committing suicide by drinking paraquat, a poisonous chemical liquid substance to kill off weed, and then also fell into a readily dug grave can also relieve many innocent people’s time to bury the ingested poison corpse.

Mad people are everywhere and there are millions of them. You just never know what to do without them. The only medical proven advice to help you reduce your blood pressure when you are confronted by a mad person is to stay calm and just nod your head to show that you understand well of any intentions or objectives. Apart from that, you can momentary stall and reduce the period of being harangued by the mad attacker Meanwhile still listening to the mad person and not wasting any of your precious time, you can start to wonder off or day dream about your next holiday trip and never mind if you cannot remember what was elaborately spoken by the perpetrator. Although you may sound a bit frustrated initially but as time flies by you will notice that you have master the skill of hearing and discarding rubbish without the need to remind yourself every night to purge it out from your mind plus better holiday plan. Moreover, it will also reduce your dependency on alcoholic beverages to eliminate those disease voices that was spread to you by a mad person.

Is sky the limit… mad people… speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Durian... Durian... Durian...

Oh its the season again! I just could not resist the temptation:

Mr William : Oh... you are juicy and delicious. From the look, i have fallen in love with you.
Mrs William : ...

Mr William : You are so sweet and so rich! Its an eye of the tongue...
Mrs William : Ooi! Shuddaappp! Eat your durian quietly... tak boleh tahan!!!

Mr William : ok ok... * hehehehehe *
Mrs William : *_*"

is sky the limit... durian season!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The training

All in all, one word, the long absence of the co - author was he went to training and here the picture he would like to share with all of you. These guys and gals are all the think tankers in the my training industry. Some of them would be brainstorming one problem and the other would be with another problem. There's actually a Mohinder Suresh look alike in my department but he was not around. Too bad I can't show him here. Maybe next time.