Saturday, January 27, 2007

New blog at sea

I recently uploaded a new blog admist the raining season fell upon Johor.

Those interested please goto:

This blog consist of multiple authors known as the crew. Please feel free to entertain yourself. Thank you.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Blood Anomality

Also known as Leukemia or Leukaemia, is a cancer of the blood or bone marrow.

Excerpt and more information from :

It's indeed a sad story and news to be heard from a close friend of mine that her auntie has confirmed to obtain this disease called Acute Leukemia.

Let us all pray with strength and might that her auntie will be able to combat this dillemma. It's a sad 2007 to her it seems...

- Life is fragile...

Friday, January 12, 2007

Oi... Bugger! Where are you?

It has been a while i last talk to friends since my move to Phileo Damansara.

Friend 1 : Hey, long time no see... how are you? Where are you now?
Me : Like that lar... fine and as usual lar... Phileo D'sara

Friend 2 : Oi, bugger... where the hell are you? You sill owe me a cup of teh tarik? Bila mau belanja? Dah pergi sana pun tak bagi tau...
Me : Dun worry lar... you come visit me... i sure buy you minum wan...

Friend 3 : Eh... X went to Singapore liao... where are you now?
Me : I just migrated from Amcorp Tower to Phileo D'sara... the migration was smooth...

Friend 4 : Oh.. skrang dah kaya lar... dah tukar kerja pun tak bagitau? Salary ok ar?
Me : Boleh tahan lar... boleh bayar bini and hutang ah long PTPTN dah cukup...

Brother : Ah Kor... i got straight As for PMR... since your pay is higher now... i can get reward right? kekeke...
Me : ok, how much you want? *_*""" (Being the eldest is the hardest)

is sky the limit... yes, i migrated, moved, went, gone... to Phileo D'sara...

The curiousity from co-author.

[With loud speaker and microphone, I stood high and in the sky talking to the citizen of the Earth.]

First of all, a very good year for everyone, and thanks again for the original author to invite me into this project. Well, I hope to put more interesting stories and facts to this blog, nevertheless making my posts as simpler as possible not to confuse the readers or passer-by.

For anyone knowledge, my new semester or new year have started anew and afresh with new lecturers for my subjects and new perspective towards life, friends, works and girlfriend. Ho! Ho! And my girlfriend (who knows I'm lying anyway) has started talking about this.. ... .. and that... ... ... Not long ago, this cat who knew how to fly.. .. .. and then this man called smallville, he couldn't get a girlfriend due to... .. ...

[People starting to look weird.] "Well, wat the h--- you mumbling and talking about?", some whispered.

[People started talking to each other.]

[I started to sound uneasy with my microphone.] Eh, in anyway, people, hope you all have a good year in 2007! and let the guy named prosperity with you!

[People already ignoring him and talking to each other while some left the scene and moved on with their life.]

[I stepped down from the sky and looked up. Well, everyone have a 15 minutes of fame anyway!]

I walked away, kicking a small stone on pavement and glanced around the neighbourhood. A cyclist passed by, a kid clinging on to his mum and a couple screening through the video shop. Well, life as usual for 2007.

-Enjoy your life! Happy 2007!

2007 and a late upgrade as i originally intended...

Dear all ISTL readers,
It has been 12 days since the new year walked in and two major events had happened, a major cable damage due to earthquake and the on-going flood down south of Malaysia. Is Sky The Limit : Episode 3 was due start on the first of January 2007 but a few things got it on hold. The major breakdown and also partly my busy schedule of working in projects. I am now based in Phileo Damansara.

So here you are the latest episode of Is Sky The Limit : Episode 3. As usual you will have Crude Hasting to accompany while i am away working with my projects. Hope you all readers out there will continue to support this final episode of Is Sky The Limit until its end stage.

William Wilstroth
Is Sky The Limit : Episode 3 (Final)
is sky the limit... 2007 Cowabunga!