Friday, February 23, 2007

~ Happy Chinese New Year ~

With the absence of the main author, the co-author decided to spend a few "miserable" minutes to log in and wish everyone and whoever believe in chinese new year a very "HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!"

He again, went to the top of the world and took out a loud speaker and said it out loud.

"Hear me everyone on the Earth, I would like to wish everyone a prosperous and fillfullness of golden HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR and a great wealth and health of 2007!"

[Applauses from the audience far below and soon they walked away shopping, talking to family members and loved ones.]

He looked at his loud speaker and looked at the surrounding areas. Well, people are always selfish, they want fame, wealth and happiness all to themselves. This is undeniable even to the wisest people on Earth. No offense but try look at the world today. :-) Though of the week... He climbed down and went to his chinese new year dinner. Shark fins and abalone dishes. Yummy!


Friday, February 09, 2007

Hijack Queen says, "The plus point of getting married is 'LICENSE TO SCREW'"...

License to screw. yeah i definitely agree with what she says. After all, if marriage does not involve the horizontal refreshment or sex it doesn't make any sense out of it. However, here comes the best part after you (the men) obtain that license to screw.

01. You are bound by terms and agreement to provide household income to the said party, your wife.
02. You are to listen, not hearing, to your wife to whatever she speaks.
03. You are to bring her for a holiday at least once a year.
04. You are to provide pocket money to your kids i.e. if you are ready to manufacture one but it comes with the license.
05. You are to keep quiet for whatever and however your wife prepare the food otherwise it is eating outside.
06. You are to remember her birthday every year and to provide gifts of certain amount of money.
07. You are to remember the license date of issuance (anniversary).
08. You are to obey her commands be it tough, sticky or painful. She knows what is best for you.
09. You are to come home early or no later than 12:00 midnight.
10. You can visit your parents but you are not subjected to bring her along if she is busy or don't want to go along.
11. This last line can be updated by your spouse at any time.
12. Failing to comply the above risks revoking your license to screw.

For the women:
01. You have every right to amend the men's term and condition above.

is sky the limit... license to screw...

8:14pm, hungry, working, skiing, big lake, resort...

It has been two months after this blog had proceed with its last episode but i am still fully logged with my current project. Yet, today my project is about to finish and only find time to do blogging. Now i am blogging but i am still at the project site. Its 8:14pm and can anyone, please anyone out there, go buy something for me to eat? I am so hungry and tired. Yet, I still here.

Working environment here is good. My room is overlooking a big lake and there is a resort with boats and people skiing and performing stunts. Lunch time, its like going to a mall's food court and the lobby is almost similar to a hotel despite its not 5 star rating but its also one of the big building beside the highway, BESRAYA from Sungai Besi. Apart from that, employees can take a barge to the resort's mall for shopping. Perhaps after a movie then only back to office and continue slogging over the notebook, desktop, tablet or whatever they prefer to do their work.

I think my blog will take more than one year to finish this last episode. I hope not.

Anyway, whatever it is, my office room is overlooking a big lake, there is a barge that takes employee from this company to the resort's shopping mall, company's canteen similar to a mall's food court, people skiing, beautiful office ladies, and one guy call Therry to make my life happy and crazy!

is sky the limit... work, hungry, mall, skiing, 8:14pm...

Whenever you tell someone... make sure he listens... not just hearing....

The difference between hearing and listening is the latter one being hearing and understanding what is being said by other party. Listening is important not only in working but also in our social life especially when you are listening to your wife or girlfriend talking about their daily activities. However, recently i had a friend who keep on saying 'I just don't know' even though the whole group of us told him the answer.

Ah Chong : I just don't know why this won't work...
Ah Lee : Its because the ... (something ... something ...).

Ah Chong : I just don't know...
Ah Mad : Aiya... its because the... (something... something... ).

Ah Chong : I still just don't understand....
Ah Chai : Ayo... its the....

Ah Chong : I still can't...
Me : OOI! people tell you many times the same answer you still don't undestand... you listening to people or not?!.

Ah Lee, Ah Chai and Ah Mad : Yeah Lar!.

is sky the limit... are you really listening?