Sunday, July 22, 2007

USA or Malaysia?

It's Sunday and it's 6.30pm.

Reaching at the "Wildan Restoran" by a group of malays, we (my friend and I) sat at one corner of the stall with the cloud looking gloomy and cloudy.

The restless waiter came.

Waiter: Minum?
Me: Limau ais.
Friend: Milo panas.

Waiter: Makan?
Me: Nasi goreng U.S.A.
Waiter nodded.
Me again: U.S.A ok?
He nodded again.
Friend: Cendawan goreng dan nasi putih.

After 10 minutes,
Waiter brought the food and he lay the dishes in front of us. I was amazed at my nasi goreng.

Me looked at my nasi goreng U.S.A... It was actually nasi goreng "biasa"!!

Me: Bang, ini betul nasi goreng U.S.A?

Waiter stared at me... Checked the list...

Waiter: Nasi goreng biasa.

Fine, U.S.A had became biasa... U.S.A now became Malaysia.. Next time, you order nasi goreng Malaysia, or Philippine, or Thailand or Singapore, all the same, you come out with nasi goreng biasa.

You know why? Cos, USA jugak orang biasa mah.. Semua orang pun biasa mah, apasal mau makan USA punya? makanlah nasi goreng Malaysia...

Funny thing is at the menu you can see many types of fried rice:

1) Nasi goreng biasa
2) Nasi goreng cina
3) Nasi goreng cendawan
4) Nasi goreng USA
5) Nasi goreng melayu
6) Nasi goreng india
7) Nasi goreng paprik
8) Nasi goreng papaya
9) Nasi goreng kampung
10) Nasi goreng bandar
11) Nasi goreng miskin
12) Nasi goreng kaya

Sorry, I exaggerated in the menu, some I added myself or maybe I had left some too. The question arise, how do you differentiate all this from an ordinary fried rice? Okay, actually there are different ingredients for each menu and let me have the honour to explain it:

For nasi goreng biasa, you get rice, mixed vegetables (corns, carrot and so on), and chilli or chilli padi.

For nasi goreng cina, you get ikan billis in addition to the goreng biasa.

For cendawan, you get cendawan instead of ikan billis.

For nasi goreng USA, ah, this is the special one, you get chicken chop in your fried rice. Just kidding, you get fried sliced chicken with sauce on it.

For nasi goreng melayu, sorry, I added this in too.

For nasi goreng india, you can't get this too, I guess.

For paprik, you get chicken with sauce too.

For papaya, you get papaya with fried rice. Just kidding, I think you can't get this too.

For nasi goreng kampung, you get chilli padi and chicken.

For bandar, you get abalone and sushi inside. Just kidding too, no, you can't have the abalone and sushi.

For miskin and kaya, I believed you can't get this recipe anywhere too.

So, what are you waiting? Go try nasi goreng Malaysia and enjoy your food...

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Anonymous said...

as I know...
nasi goreng cina - sos ikan bilis or black pepper
nasi goreng kampung - ikan bilis