Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sweet and Creamy

Oh my love, you are so sweet,
You are so creamy and so smelly,
Every season I waited for the seller,
He sells you cheaply but I still love you.

Oh my durian, though you are thorny,
But you are a temptation except a bit horny,
The stickiness of your flesh makes me squirmy,
To eat you is to feel you like honey.

Oh my love, you are a craving,
Eat so much I get sore throat,
It’s ok that I drink some herbal tea,
Otherwise it’s MC from doctor.

Oh durian… why you are a craving…?
Oh durian… why you are my number one…?
Oh durian… why not queen but king of fruits…?
Oh durian… why I love you… very much…!

Is sky the limit… durian… mari… mari… RM10 tiga biji!

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