Sunday, July 29, 2007

Free 50GB, accept or not?

Have you ever been offered with 50GB hard disk space for free?

Well, yes, indeed, there's a case where 50GB hard disk space was offered to my friend for free. None of them want to use it. Why?

I have no idea why. Just that, indeed, there are people who doesn't want to take free stuff when free stuff are offered out there. No, I'm not saying about bogus or scam. It's indeed free and even free from someone close. They just want to share free stuff with their friends and their friends ignored them. Weird, huh? I asked them why don't want to use it?

"Ah, I'm downloading small stuff like music so don't need the hard disk space." - What a lame excuse. It's either they hated the guy or they hated the 50GB hard disk.

In another case, there was an event when organizers gave free goodies if you're lucky to pick the right number. And again, they refuse to pick the lucky number and replied to me in such a silly question, "Don't want la, why I would want it?" with a disgusted face.

It's just so "darn" annoying and ignorant when I only asked them to try their luck if they get goodies or not.

Well, life is full of strange people...

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