Thursday, July 19, 2007

Twisted thoughts: A beautiful girl nobody knows…

Once upon a time there is a little beautiful girl living in the modern city and nobody knows her. She was adored by her parents but nobody knows her. She was highly educated and nobody knows her. It was a big city bustling with millions of people thus nobody knows her. She was just nobody.

One day, a quirky nerdy photographer was taking photographs around the bustling city. He could not find anything that is beautiful. He had walked around the city for almost two hours and there was nothing beautiful. Finally, he saw the girl that nobody knows sat by a porch eating ice cream. So he began taking photograph of the girl that nobody knows eating ice cream. After sometime and he felt satisfied by the photographs he had taken, he walked over to the girl nobody knows and spoke to her. ‘What is your name, little girl?’ he asked. ‘My name is Andre’ replied the little girl. ‘You are a beautiful girl, Andre’, the photographer told her. Andre smiled at him. ‘Do you want people to know you, Andre?’ the photographer asked her again. ‘Why?’ she looked at him. ‘You are beautiful!’ the photographer exclaimed. So Andre said yes and photographer said further, ‘You will be recognized by the world, Andre’ and that he gave her his business card and walked away.

The next day many fashion designers and model agencies came to look for Andre. Over night she had become a model and everyone now looked for her. Andre started to appear in fashion magazines, catwalks, charities, and other celebrity events. Now Andre is no longer a stranger but a well known model in the city and then the world. Everywhere she goes people will either nod at her or smile to her. Some more daring would go up to give her a peck. Andre has become somebody from nobody in modern city. She was a star and recognized by people of all walks of life.

One day, the photographer who took Andre’s picture came to visit her. He was happy to see how far she had become. Both of them hugged each other. ‘Now you are somebody, Andre’, he gasped. ‘All thanks to you!’ as Andre held his hand on her lap. Both of them talked late into the night. ‘There is news I must tell you, Andre’ the photographer looked into her eyes. ‘Your stardom will fade away one day and you must not be sad!’ said the photographer. Andre was a bit shaken by those words. ‘Why?’ she was near tears when she looked at the photographer. ‘There is another girl in another city’ the photographer told her. ‘Please don’t take it away from me! I don’t want to be nobody’ cried Andre. The photographer apologized and walked away.

This time Andre’s life became a disaster. All fashion magazine and model agency had turned their attention to the new girl of somebody. Andre had become so depress that she turned to drugs and lived dangerously. She ate carelessly and her weight ballooned uncontrollably. Nobody knows her anymore. Late one night, she had overdone with her drugs and passed away.

Many months later, the girl who became somebody after Andre met with the photographer again. They talked until late night and she was also told the same thing. ‘There is another girl in another city’ said the photographer. Only this time, the photographer with a smile and he twinkled at the poor girl. ‘I am sorry’, he walked away.

Is sky the limit… a girl nobody knows…

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