Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mad People are here... !

In this world there are many mad people and one might be already sitting next to you. I am not saying madcap that make you laugh and feel happy but those who love seeing other people being tortured until their life is upside down. You will hate them for their mouth and despise for their attitude. Sometimes, you will pull your hair because you do not know whether to cry or to yell at them. So you rather sneered at them every time they passed by you; you rather avoid the same place if they around; and you rather avoid talking to them because you find it pointless. No matter you hate it or like it, there will be mad people everywhere and every corner and all over the earth. Earth is a small place and you will occasionally feel why you must endure mad people’s attitude.

After all your life will be dreadfully bored to death if there are no mad people that will make you utilize and practice your temper. Mad people love to torture and verbally abuse their victims anytime and anywhere within their reach or to achieve their objective. They will be much happier to see their victims fallen and crying incessantly begging to be rescued from the wraith incurred upon them. Mad people do this for fun and some mad people do it because they feel it as their duty to do so. Nevertheless, mad people do things that cannot be explained by normal people. Mad is a disease and there is no cure. The only cure for mad people is to better climb up the highest building and jump off it. Before that, a hole dug prior to jumping also ease a lot of normal people’s effort from burying the corpse later time. Other than jumping off a building, committing suicide by drinking paraquat, a poisonous chemical liquid substance to kill off weed, and then also fell into a readily dug grave can also relieve many innocent people’s time to bury the ingested poison corpse.

Mad people are everywhere and there are millions of them. You just never know what to do without them. The only medical proven advice to help you reduce your blood pressure when you are confronted by a mad person is to stay calm and just nod your head to show that you understand well of any intentions or objectives. Apart from that, you can momentary stall and reduce the period of being harangued by the mad attacker Meanwhile still listening to the mad person and not wasting any of your precious time, you can start to wonder off or day dream about your next holiday trip and never mind if you cannot remember what was elaborately spoken by the perpetrator. Although you may sound a bit frustrated initially but as time flies by you will notice that you have master the skill of hearing and discarding rubbish without the need to remind yourself every night to purge it out from your mind plus better holiday plan. Moreover, it will also reduce your dependency on alcoholic beverages to eliminate those disease voices that was spread to you by a mad person.

Is sky the limit… mad people… speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil!

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