Thursday, July 19, 2007

Twisted thoughts: Handsome man no girls could resist…

Once upon a time there is this very handsome man who lives near the beach. He led a relaxing and carefree life. Everyone knows him and he was no stranger to the town’s people. Every one talks of him and every girl admired him. He never had a beautiful girl not saying no to him and he always had his way with all girls he met. He was so handsome that nobody dares to admit they were equal to him.

Every morning, he would shave his face; he would moisturize his face; he would exfoliate his face; he would trim his eye brow; he would trim his nose hair; he would trim his hair so it is constantly in a nice shape; he would exercise his face; he would also tanned his face a bit; and he would do body shaping. All of this was done before he steps out of the house. However, these routines are repeated after he had returned home and before sleeping.

One day, his exfoliate cream, moisturizer, facial foam, and toner had gone expired; scissors and shaver had became blunt; and the body shaping cream no longer worked. He was desperately hopelessly helpless. He began to panic and afraid of going out. He closed all the windows and locked all doors. Soon the whole town noticed that the handsome man had locked himself up in his own house and not coming out at all; not even for groceries. People began to go to his house and called him if he was fine. He would ask them to leave and not to disturbed him.

‘I must go out to buy all these things!’ he looked at the mirror and touching his own reflection. ‘Its no use staying in the house while those things can be bought from the pharmacy!’ he stared hard into the mirror. ‘Yes, I need new moisturizers, new shavers, new exfoliating cream, new scissors!’ he would talked to himself the whole day but not putting one foot out of the house. ‘How?’ he would mutter again and again into the night. Without those accessories, his unwillingness to walk out before all those facial rituals had really taken a toll on the handsome man. So he decided one day, very strongly against his own wishes, he step out of his house.

Everybody yelled hooray at the handsome man. He could not believe his eyes that everyone was out there waiting for him to come out. He fainted at his foot steps. Everybody rushed him to the hospital. The doctors diagnosed him as malnourished and dehydrated and weak from not doing any exercise as result keeping himself too long in his own house. When the handsome man woke up he looked to the nurse, ‘Oh my god! How is my face, nurse!?’ That was the question he asked her. Immediately he grabbed the mirror on the table and started looking at himself. He would pull his face and pinched his nose to check every part of his face. ‘Doctor, I think the patient is ready to go home’ explained the nurse to the doctor over the phone while the handsome man continued to look at himself with the mirror. ‘Yes, he is and we had enough of him screaming whole night for his facial products!’ exclaimed the doctor.

Is sky the limit… handsome man… see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil…

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