Saturday, November 03, 2007

What do you do when you see this sign?

Now my dear readers, when you see this sign at any road junction, you must at all times do the following:

1. Don't look to the left or right for incoming cars.
2. Don't bother to press your break pedal.
3. Don't even try to reduce your acceleration but by all means just accelerate.
4. Don't even bother to slow down because you are not stopping at all.

These 4 things above are what every Malaysian drivers are doing.

Nobody ever bothered to do the following:

1. Slow down to a stop. A complete stop.
2. Look to the left or the right for incoming cars before turning or moving on.
3. Use the brake pedal to stop.
4. Or even give a turning signal to indicate your are turning.

So are you stopping your car each time you see that sign?

Please don't be a farker and risk your life!

This is a community service brought to you by ISTL.

Value your life. Stop when you see Stop. Drive Safe. Stop Safe. You can changed your farking world.
is sky the limit... you can changed your farking world...


Danny Foo said...

tell that to the farmers who dun read or listen. :p

william wilstroth said...

danny foo : no point... hahhahahaaha...