Sunday, November 04, 2007

Prof. Dr. Vijay R. Raghavan - Evolution in Heat Transfer -

This is the picture of us with Dr. Chandra Suresh. Sorry, just kidding, not the father of Mohinder Suresh but of Dr. Vijay R. Raghavan. This is my first experience working with a professor, a doctorate philosophy great man from India. Though the first few months with him was hard as he demands great works. The result was paid off and satisfying.

Left -right: [You can't missed the Prof. Dr. Vijay, find yourself!]

Actually, I believed he has the same status of Dr. Chandra Suresh. Too bad, he's leaving from UTHM to UTP so UTP students, you're lucky bastards.


Anonymous said...

Prof Dr Vijay is indeed the best professor I ever met, and I was fortunate enough to work under his guidance for a year.

william wilstroth said...

anonymous : Crude Hastings agrees with you!

Anonymous said...

I was his student once back then in kuittho..too bad i lost contact with you have his email address??