Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Twisted Thoughts : A world stop for meal...

Ed: A long story for you to read and to waste your time... it does not have a happy ending... Enjoy!

Blue sky, chirping birds, and the sound of happy children screaming and playing with each other in the public park. You are sitting by a bench, reading your newspaper and on your right is a cup of tasty capuccino. It was a good Sunday morning to be out in the park. Suddenly, you hear faint noises from somewhere and the children has stopped playing. There were no more happy voices. No more chirping birds and the sky is calm. You looked around the park to find the children had stood there with their eyes close. The whole town had became very quiet. You do not feel good at all. You put down your newspaper and nearly tumble over your capuccino.

You looked around the park again. Some cars had stopped in the middle of the road. They [drivers] had closed their eyes too. No one moved at all. What was going on? Your mind was searching for an answer as to why this occurences had happened. Of course, this had never before happen in your town. Furthermore, you had never seen such a bizarre incident in your whole life. You felt very uneasy to this circumstances and you walked slowly to the nearest child. A girl aged 10, black hair and had two ponytails. She was still holding her ice cream. The ice cream had melted and it was dripping all over her hands. You touched the girl's shoulder. The girl did not moved at all. You pinched her arm so to see if she will come back. She stirred a bit but not moved after that.

You ran to a nearby car and knocked on the driver's door. The driver did not moved at all. Then, you ran to the nearest store and dashed into it. There was no one in there. Strange and it was getting stranger. You had walked the whole store and no one was there. It was too quiet. It was impossible for people to disappear just like that. You started to get panic. You made a run for the store's door. The moment you walked out the town was no longer the same anymore. The kids supposed to be in the park were no longer there. Cars now stood there without drivers. Where had they all gone? You looked at your watch. The time has stopped at exactly 9.00 am and the dial no longer turning anymore.

The sun was still shining as bright as ever. You do not know the time anymore. You walked down the lane to see if there are anyone around the corner. The whole stretch of shoplots were empty. You made another run to your apartment to see if your housemates still there. You ran and ran and as fast as you could to reach your home. While you were running a few blocks, not a single person could be seen. Mrs Della no longer in her garden watering her lovely roses. Mr Harker no longer sitting underneath his favourite apple tree and reading his newspaper. The newspaper were left on the ground. The whole neighbourhood had became dead and quiet like the graveyard at night. You are now just one block from your apartment when you saw someone at the back of Mrs Prim's backyard. Who might it be?

You stopped running and sneaked towards the backyard silently. You lean on the wall and slowly walked quietly to the mysterious being at the back of Mrs Prim's backyard. You kept hold of your breathe and slowly turned your head to looked at the person. The person was doing something to a thing on the ground. It looked like it was trying to stuff something into it or out of it which you could not see. The person had dressed in a black furry outfit and you could not make anything out of it. The head was hairy and its hands was rough and looked strong too. What was it doing? You tried to moved closer to the thing that was pushing something or rather seems to be forcing it self on something. Before you moved to it, you looked around for anything that resembled a weapon in case it attacked. You found a garden hoe. You took hold of it and slowly move towards the black thing. "Hey, what are you doing?" you yelled at him and with your garden hoe ready in your both hands. The black thing turned around with surprise. "Oh my god!", you gasped when you finally known what the person was doing. It was a very horrible creature with potruding pair of white fangs and yellowish eyes.

A dead girl with her hands still dangling out of its stomach. Partial of her head was still portruding out of it too. The creature started growling and snarling at you. It yellowish eyes stared hard at you. You hold tight to your garden hoe and ready to strike at it. The creature made a jump to get hold of you. You swung your garden hoe at it. The garden hoe's spike claw striked its head and it went down with a loud thud. The head was bleeding profusely and some parts of its internal organ had stucked to the hoe. Then you heard something moving at the end of Mrs Prim's bushes of roses. Another similar creature had came out and followed by another one. The latter creature was bigger comparing to the other one. There are two hideous creature facing you now. You made a run for your life. You can sense them behind chasing you. What are these things? Where are all the people? Where did these creatures come from?

You ran nonstop and did not even turned back to look at it. You jumped over a high fence and you could hear the fence being thrashed as they chased after you. They were gaining speed and you can hear them growling behind you. Oh god! You better ran faster. Onwards, you skipped over a chair and ran on. You kept on jumping over every hurdles and kept on running for your dear life. Where shall I hide myself? I must find a place to hide at once. You cannot imagine yourself slowing down to open a door, ran into it and to close it just in time before it can grab you. You kept on thinking where you can hide before these creatures catches you. You were running too fast and at one corner you had turned and hit your head hard against a broken sign board that was hanging low on one side of the wall. Your eyes had became heavy. You felt dizziness and the place was swirling around you. You wanted to stand up and kept on running away from the dangerous creatures. Your heart was pounding harder and harder then suddenly became weaker and weaker. Just before you fainted, you saw a few black hairy feets came running towards you.

Two black hairy creatures stood beside you and many came out from buildings. They came so close and surrounded you. "What shall we do with this boy?" said the other taller and bigger black creature. "We will keep him in a place hidden from anyone" said another. Every black creature nodded. Thus, all of them started to changed into normal human being. Mrs Della, Mr Harker and Mrs Prim were one of the black creatures. Those kids dissappeared from the park earlier had return to playing normally. Sound of birds chirping and and the town streets are now alive with cars and people can be seem strolling and talking. Shops are now filled with laughters and voices of people bargaining with owners. Everything had returned to normal.

Meanwhile in one tall white building far away from the town, a boy was screaming madly and kept on telling of black creatures devouring human. "Help! help! You don't understand! There are aliens out there that eat people!" Two male nurses managed to strap him to the bed before the boy could hurt himself. A doctor quickly administered an injection to sedate the patient. "I must say this boy is tough to handle, the council should have killed the boy that day", a man was speaking to someone in the observation room. "Yes, too fortunate, that day we had reached our quota so the boy was lucky!" said the mysterious person. The person had hidden himself in one dark corner of the observation room. He was there and then he was gone. "Doctor, we still have a contract, do you understand?" and that was the last word from the mysterious person. The doctor had stood there by the observation glass long before he nodded silently. "Yes, we do".

is sky the limit... the world unknown... is left as it is...

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