Monday, October 08, 2007

The ShareBlogHolder

The co - author looked through the company database.

"Ah, I been in two years already? Time flew fast and it's going to the end?"

"Sigh, the biggest shareholder CEO of ISTL is going to close the company?"

"Guess, I need to look for soon! I have no family yet like the 'tauke' (refering to the biggest shareholder of the ISTL) but I still need money for my 'big' 'big' future, I be needing money to do 'big' company, do 'big' projects and do 'big' researches and earn 'big' money!"

Time flew so fast that my actual "Sensei", "Si-fu", "Jedi" or "Guru" or "father of the Mohinder Suresh" or whatever you called it the supervisor. He's leaving in the early November back to god forsaken place called India. He lost the battle against the force of the evil. "Evil" as in E.V.I.L. subgroup of the UMBRELLA CORP.

Sad to see him leaving and going to another research facilities. I'm surely going to miss him since he's the one who provoke, bash, forge, bludgeons, manufacture, clobber and mould me into a better person I'm standing or writing right now this moment.

And, it's a double sad ending, I shall always remember his famous word: "Darn it!".

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