Saturday, September 22, 2007

Twisted Thoughts : Something is wrong again Part 2

Oh great! Last time was alone in the lonely world. this time i am invisible to the world. He really needs to fix his system on me. You walk along the highway. Cars were moving so fast. You see people talking in the car. Some singing to the tune of whatever their listening in there. Some talking or seems to be scolding their kids. Some digging their nose as they drove. Some couples were quiet and some were talking among themselves. You had walked nearly for half an hour now. Thirsty and hungry and you wish for food. Luckily, you had reach a rest house. You walked into it. Nobody seems to notice you entering. You walk towards the bakery section to get a bun or something. There are spagehettis, beef casseroles, fried rice, hot dogs, burgers and so on. They looked so delicious. You took one plate of spaghetti. Your action had freezed the whole environment. "Oops... now what?" you looked around for the cause of it. You put down the plate. The environment immediately resumes back to normal. "Wow..." and you tried again. You freezed the whole environment again. You put it down again. It resumes normal again. "cool..." you said to yourself.

Then you take a forkful of spaghetti and put into your mouth and the world resumes back. "Wow... " as you continued eating your spaghetti. So what had happened? Now that you had finished your spaghetti and looked around the environment to wonder when will it stop again. YOu put the plate down and the whole environment stopped again. "Ok, now i have finished where do i put my plate?" you asked your question to the environment. You lifted the plate up and the world resumed back. You put down again and it stopped again. "Just put the plate and put your hand away", said a voice behind you. You turned around. "Its you!" and you were so grateful to see him. "You are invicible now and any objects that you touch, the system will capture that event and assign it to your variable and reorganize the world's daily event of happenings. Because you are not part of the system, the system will stop to capture and reinitiate so you won't cause ghostly scenario to the current running world." You looked blanked at him. "I figured you don't understand right?" You nodded. "Alright, simply the system will initiate a stop so whatever you touch or you do won't interfere with the current running world. Do you Understand?" he asked you again.

You nodded. "Its just two months and don't be naughty ok? Oh look... isn't she beautiful" You turned to look at the girl. She winked at Him. "But hey, can you guys speed up a bit?" and He was no longer standing beside you. Feeling of lonely and do not know what to do. Its hard to choose whether to be alone in the world or invicible to the world. Realizing the fact that you are invicible now and two months is not long thus you just had to go about it, "We shall have fun then. Let us begin the fun!"

is sky the limit... the fun has just started...

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