Saturday, September 22, 2007

Twisted Thoughts : Something is wrong again Part 1

Author : Last year, i had a series of Twisted Thoughts stories running in my blog and one of them was a story about a man alone in the world. You can read it at the link below. So now, I am writing another sequel to this story. This time, that man will not be alone anymore. I believe when this sequel goes along i will try to inject more imaginative events and weird things that will happen to him. Yes, this sequel will be rated PG18 because of some events that he will be doing in it. Apart from that, this story also intend to make you think of question like what if or what will happen especially when you are in his position. I hope you enjoy reading this story with an open mind.

Let the story begin:

This few weeks you had that feeling of loneliness again. That was years ago when you had that kind of real experience of you feeling lonely in the world. It was hard to imagine when everyone disappeared over night. Today you get that kind of feeling again and this time it is getting stronger. Everyday, your feeling is mustered with stronger feeling of lonesome. Is god going to stop the world again? Stopping the world to do some minor configuration or putting up new upgrades while you are not aware of it. Yet, it can be a nightmare if you are awake in the middle of the process.

The other day in the office, the computers seems slow and eveyone looks moody and kept to themselves. Your good friend who use to come around to talk to you had not been making his visit regularly. Your mind starts to play tricks and you loose focus on your work. Your monitor screens at times gave weird responses but the technicians seems useless in fixing it. Will there be another round of human disappearance?

This morning you had a bad cup of coffee or was it your taste has gone crazy. Now, you are seated at home in the evening and you were starring blankly at the television and also apparently oblivious to the whole environment. Funny, your wife had not ask you to come to the table for dinner. You felt dizzy. Your breathing became heavier every minute. You tried to stand up but your legs were getting heavier too. You slumped to the ground and fainted. You could not feel anything and the whole blackness envelopes your vision. Oh no, what is going on?

When you open your eyes again, you felt strange, hungry and energetic. You never felt your life was so free before or just this few weeks of feeling lonesome. You sat up and clear your eyes. The room was so white. The bed that you were lying on was white too. "Hi, we meet again." You turned around to find the voice. "I knew it. Its you!" You saw Him stood there. He was dressed in white. "Oh, aren't you happy to see me?" said Him. "Come on, the food taste bland, my wife not listening to me or totally ignore me, my computer is crazy and I thought i had a heart attack!" you looked at him in disbelief. He laughed and continued to assure that you are fine. "Absolutely, you are fine my son." You stood beside him. "So why am i here?" you asked with both hands flung up. He laughed again and this time louder. "My boy, your system is so sensitive and whenever we are up or down here make a little configuration you are bound to be affected by it" You looked even more bewildered at Him. "So meaning to say, I am ok and I can go back to my... what ever state it is?". He looked at you and paused for a moment. "The problem now is that you still can go back, we haven't finish our upgrade but... " he shooked his head. "Oh no... I am not going back there with no people around." He laughed again. "But you enjoyed it so much last time, you took whatever you wanted" he said. "Yet i did not even ask you to return it but keep it, isn't that good?" He started to walk towards a white wall. You followed him. "Good? What do you mean good? It was so lonely and alone in this world and i thought I was crazy!".

"Look, its just another two months ok?" he stopped at his way and pushed a white button. "I will need you to bear with it but, as i was saying just now, this time you won't be alone. See for yourself" He took hold of your arm and moved out of the white room. The highway was bustling with fast moving cars and an aeroplane flew past over you for landing at a nearby airport. "So i am back but what about it?" as you stumble beside Him. You nearly fell and hit a fast moving truck. "Arghhhh!" you screamed so loud. "Arghhhh!" you kept on screaming. "Are you done yet?" he was looking down at you. You looked baffled. You are still alive. "Oh my god!" you exclaimed. "Yes? I am here." He looked at you. You were touching your body all over. "I am still alive?!" you screamed again with disbelief. "Yes you are. Just a minor problem that you need to bear with it again." He said with his arms crossed. "You do not exist yet in this world. You are a walking variable that is not an entity yet currently. So in other words, My system has temporarily put you one side until they have finished with their programming then only restore you back." You are now so agitated and questioned your wife and son. "Oh, don't worry, your wife will remember you. Currently your wife is on an automated mode and she thinks you are on overseas business. By the way, i don't recall you have a son. Daughter perhaps?"

"Great now i am invisible to the world. What do i do now?" you stood and stared over the great horizon by the side of the highway. It overlooked a great city and looked very busy. "Well, for now, you can do whatever you want here. Just that nobody knows you are there. Have fun." You turned around to protest. "Just a minute. What do you mean have fun", he was not there anymore. There were no buttons or indicators to go back into the white room. You are now practically standing on one side of the highway.

is sky the limit... on the run from no where but here...

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