Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Seductively Red color Sahny Elikson...

I've got a new phone. Its called Soh-ny Eh-lik-son K510I and it is serrr-duccc-tive-llyyyy red in color for your inforrr-ma-shion. I love it so farking much that every tom, dick and harry will die like mah fuh lat. Okay lar, my phone is equipped with the best of the breed kam-ma-ra. Jialat. Its only 1.3 megapixel. But I am so happy wor. So happy can die, you know. Who cares. My kam-ma-ra phone is also equipped with MMS and I can take pictures every time and any time i like. Alright... alright... enought of this... but I am happy with it. So here you are my great seductively red phone. Blow me away...



oh yeah... its cool... thank you darling... i love you!

is sky the limit... my seductively red color sahny-elikson!

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