Friday, February 23, 2007

~ Happy Chinese New Year ~

With the absence of the main author, the co-author decided to spend a few "miserable" minutes to log in and wish everyone and whoever believe in chinese new year a very "HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!"

He again, went to the top of the world and took out a loud speaker and said it out loud.

"Hear me everyone on the Earth, I would like to wish everyone a prosperous and fillfullness of golden HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR and a great wealth and health of 2007!"

[Applauses from the audience far below and soon they walked away shopping, talking to family members and loved ones.]

He looked at his loud speaker and looked at the surrounding areas. Well, people are always selfish, they want fame, wealth and happiness all to themselves. This is undeniable even to the wisest people on Earth. No offense but try look at the world today. :-) Though of the week... He climbed down and went to his chinese new year dinner. Shark fins and abalone dishes. Yummy!


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