Friday, February 09, 2007

8:14pm, hungry, working, skiing, big lake, resort...

It has been two months after this blog had proceed with its last episode but i am still fully logged with my current project. Yet, today my project is about to finish and only find time to do blogging. Now i am blogging but i am still at the project site. Its 8:14pm and can anyone, please anyone out there, go buy something for me to eat? I am so hungry and tired. Yet, I still here.

Working environment here is good. My room is overlooking a big lake and there is a resort with boats and people skiing and performing stunts. Lunch time, its like going to a mall's food court and the lobby is almost similar to a hotel despite its not 5 star rating but its also one of the big building beside the highway, BESRAYA from Sungai Besi. Apart from that, employees can take a barge to the resort's mall for shopping. Perhaps after a movie then only back to office and continue slogging over the notebook, desktop, tablet or whatever they prefer to do their work.

I think my blog will take more than one year to finish this last episode. I hope not.

Anyway, whatever it is, my office room is overlooking a big lake, there is a barge that takes employee from this company to the resort's shopping mall, company's canteen similar to a mall's food court, people skiing, beautiful office ladies, and one guy call Therry to make my life happy and crazy!

is sky the limit... work, hungry, mall, skiing, 8:14pm...

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