Friday, February 08, 2008

Dong Dong Chan



Food and greetings.

It's the CNY!! Always love to hear all this typical words, sound, atmosphere and the hype of it. Greetings to all out there.

"Where's my angpau?"

-1st Day Of Chinese New Year-
Went to SGM CNY Celebration. Started with a bad MC and falling down the mood with some speeches from the elders. Almost felt asleep but was arouse with the new programe when it started with a new MC when he called himself, Cheung.. Kong... 7... brother, CJ9.

It was fanstatics with a few performance including short stories, singing and finally some good acrobatic performance.

-2nd Day Of CNY-
Morning with some big prawns. And started with a PS2. Second day still in progress.

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