Friday, January 11, 2008


At one cold night,

A, B and Me was in a living room.

A: Ei, B do you want the music I downloaded?

B: Yea sure, but I can't see your file sharing.

A: B, you can see Me's sharing folder right?

B: Yea...

A: Okay, so put the music in Me's folder and you "CUT" it ...

Me: Dude, come on lar, you can share with B and you can't share with me? Since you putting there why need to cut it away?

For everyone attention, I been sharing a lot of music with A and I always asked him wants my musics or not? And look at what this scumbag do to me? Not even wants to share it with me and only used me as a bypass. Isn't this guy always a selfish guy? Selfish towards me...

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