Thursday, June 28, 2007

Village Beauty

Once upon a time there was a girl called Ah Lian who lived by the river with her old mother. She was the most beautiful girl in the village. Anywhere she goes, young men and old men would turn their heads to look at her. Although Ah Lian was beautiful but she had not shown any interest to any men that had approach her. She will gently turn down their offers. She was gentle, kind and caring. Old men liked her and treated her like their own daughter. Of course, there are old men who wanted to marry her too. She turned them away most of the time.

So as time goes by, she matured into a very beautiful young lady. One day, her mom approached her and asked her if she had anyone in mind.

"Ah Lian, you are now old enough', said the old lady softly.

The daughter kept quiet and continued with her daily chores.

"Your old mom is not young like she used to be", she looked at her.

"Oh ah ma, stop fussing me to get married", she said to her as her delicate fingers rolled up popiah nicely for tonight's stall.

"You see, " she nodded out of their house, "Ah Beng is also a nice guy". Ah Lian just nodded but made no gesture or so whatever that she is interested in Ah Beng.

"Ah Seng is even better. Highly educated and his father is a business man", she smiled approvingly at her. Hoping she would praise the young man, at least at Ah Seng achievement, but Ah Lian still make no action to show any interest on him at all.

"Ah ma, Ah Lian is a big big girl now. She will decide later", replied her to the old lady.

The old lady just shook her head in disbelief. She kept on wondering if the young men in the village is not good enough for her precious daughter. The old men had died young otherwise he would have know what to do about her predicament.

The truth was unknown to the village.

Every night, after the old lady had fell asleep Ah Lian would sneaked off into the woods. She would hide herself behind a big tree and changed into a long pants and t-shirt. Her hair would tied to the back. Then she would walk ten steps from the tree and whistle three times.

"Ah Lian, I am here", a voice came over behind a big rock.

"Oh i miss you so much", the voice continued on and under the moon's bright light Ah Lian walked towards the big rock.

"Oh yes you do", replied Ah Lian and she smiled when she saw the figure.

It was Ah May. She was also another beautiful lady from the next village. Both of them fell into each other's arm. They started to kiss each other passionately. Ah May's head was resting on Ah Lian's bossom. It was a long week that Ah May had not smelled Ah Lian.

"I love you, Ah Lian", she confessed to her.

"We shall run away tonight", said Ah Lian.

"I love you too, Ah May", continued Ah Lian.

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