Friday, January 12, 2007

2007 and a late upgrade as i originally intended...

Dear all ISTL readers,
It has been 12 days since the new year walked in and two major events had happened, a major cable damage due to earthquake and the on-going flood down south of Malaysia. Is Sky The Limit : Episode 3 was due start on the first of January 2007 but a few things got it on hold. The major breakdown and also partly my busy schedule of working in projects. I am now based in Phileo Damansara.

So here you are the latest episode of Is Sky The Limit : Episode 3. As usual you will have Crude Hasting to accompany while i am away working with my projects. Hope you all readers out there will continue to support this final episode of Is Sky The Limit until its end stage.

William Wilstroth
Is Sky The Limit : Episode 3 (Final)
is sky the limit... 2007 Cowabunga!

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